About the solvent canvas white point issue

Many customer may meet the problem of solvent canvas white point issue , especially black color ,this full black color has the highest quality requirement of the canvas .
The printing effect has big referrence with the canvas coating , in fact , in China most of the canvas coating factory the primier are bought from a ready finished coating not develop by themself , and for the primier supplier just that one ,two or five factories , so most of the solvent canvas produced in China can not make the blank part very fine !
See the photos , this is one of the China supplier’s canvas , and another one is ours , even we also China factory ,but we have our own R&D department , all of the primer are developed by our boss himself .
In fact for solvent canvas made in China has regular below issues:
1. Dry very slow , easy to stick together
2. White point exsist , especially tested on 100% black colour
3.The printing side is very sticky ,even before printing ,the canvas also stick together

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